sweet melody lyrics


sweet melody

♥♥ she's type of girl that make ur heart beat like a drum olny one look into her eyes take ur breath away she's the type that make u spend all u got u'll sell ur soul to be around her night and day......ya salaaaaaaaam s3b akon b7lm 3ene 5yfa tnam la yfotne a7la kalam fe el l7za de w albe fr7eto el lela de wenta hena gambe 2ole le m5be e7sasna baan... See More..... she's a symphony is the way she moves a harmony that make u groove gonna love it tell i die ie ie a feeling i can't deny....looking at her eyes i see the world in slow motion said girl u've a pearl from the middle of the ocean sweet melody u'll never ever forget a risk u have to take and never ever regret it she can make u fly she can can get u high she can make u smile and in the same time make u cry ♥♥

Submitted by roro on Wed, 14/07/2010 - 22:51