Te Amare

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Te Amare

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I want you to know
That like any man

I've made my mistakes
that the worst punishment has been
not having been with you all this time

Stay just a minute
Let's talk about something else
That isn't about love
I don't wanna talk about anything
about what's going on with us

Speaking clearly, I
feel lost

Se no que para Ti no es facil
mirarme a la cara
Pero asi es la vida
Muchas veces cuando
el Hombre ama lastima

& I've had to love you & hurt you***
& I'm leaving

Goodbye, I'm leaving now
I'm really sorry
I'll suffer
Cuz even though
I messed up, I loved you

Yo te ame y te amare
Te amare aunque falle
con cada lagrima mia
Y por hacerte tanto daño

So many times
you haven't been by my side
So many nights I've slept
So many times I've been
without feeling your kisses
Speaking clearly, I
felt like a prisoner

You already see, that's how life is
me, who loved you so much
& much more than what you think
You don't know how much it
hurt me to mess up

But between a couple
of glasses I went to
look for you
& I drank
alcohol & I loved you
In another body I
loved you
& I drowned in
alcohol & I kissed you

I kissed your lips in
another mouth, I kissed you
I loved you & with
another (woman) I woke up

& by mistake I'm
paying the
I find myself alone &
now I suffer due to your

& I've kissed you in other lips
& I've realized
that it's not the same
I cry & I need your

I still think that I
die if you're not
with me
that it hurts me to know that
you don't want me, even as
a friend

& sometimes I feel that
life doesn't make sense
May God forgive me
cuz with you I am
lost...& I drank

Alcohol & I loved you
In another body I
loved you
& I drowned in
alcohol & I kissed you

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