Wide sea (Thalassa platia - Wide sea)

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Wide sea

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sea of wide
I love you for you bring me to mind
sea of deep
not for a moment do you quieten
as though you have a heart
of mine, the little one, the unfortunate one
outlandish dreams
that soar the wave over
reach within the heart
and awaken our "youth"
outlandish dreams
and the passions flutter like birds
I have a yearning
that sweetly eats me away and dissolves me
I have a yearning
I will come to tell you about it
you, sister of mine
sea, that I love
waves (as though) birds
on your travels, where you go
(at) distant (lands)
my hidden sorrow, (do) take
and from there afar
may you bring me also, joy
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Thalassa platia - Wide sea

Thalassa platia
S' agapo yiati mou miazis
Thalassa vathia
Mia stigmi den isichazis
Les ki echis kardia
Tin kardia mou tin mikroula tin platia
Onira trella


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