Tell Me Why (Thuaj pse)

English translation

Tell Me Why

i loved you when even when you didn't love me
i had seen you from the other
it happened on a summer day, you left and never returned
that 'immigration land' had changed
you conquered my entire heart, and you didn't count your sins
either to love, or to curse
tell me why, you hadn't told me, that you only wanted to be with me for an adventure (to be not serious in a relationship)
tell me why, you have hurt me, when i had been so in love with you
i made the mistake, once and for my entire life
how much i would want it to not be true
oh i had never thought, that you would leave
maybe it is 'the immigration lands' fault
Submitted by Balkaneuro on Fri, 01/01/2010 - 00:00

Thuaj pse

Te deshta edhe kur sme deshte
nga tjera une te kam vequ
ndodhi nje dit vere shkove me su ktheve
ai gurbet kish ndryshu
ket shpirt krejt ma pushtove e mekatet si numrove
a met dasht a met mallku


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