I know (Une e di)

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I know

sweetheart how do you stand these people
you know no one is good enough for you
you are far and i cannot feel you near anymore
it's not too late, your worth it for me
oh i know, you will come back again
i love you like no one else, i will wait forever
oh i know it will be the two of us
i will withstand a hundred more years
oh its enough if you just come to me
tomorrow you will feel better
i understand i know you have it hard
i don't know if you still feel (for me)
listen to me i want you to be mine
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Une e di

Menon qe je per mu
shum shpejt ki me gabu,
"I hate" kur thon une po du msheft
tru gjith kom me pru,
pak doz tu marr poz du met sos
e kam vendos mi fundos
kto, kto zemra treja.
Kto Zemra treja kishe kam ideja,


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