I live for Her (Vivo por ella)

English translation

I live for Her

I live for her
without knowing if I found her or she found me
I do not remember how it was
but at the end she had conquered me
I live for her that gives me
all my truly strenght
I live for her, and I am not sorry about it
I live for her too
don't get jelows with me
She among women is the most
sweet and warm like a kiss
She is always by my side
to turn off my solitude
More than for me
I live for her, too
She is the muse that invites you
to touch her softly
In my piano, sometimes sad
if she is here, the death doesn't exist
I live for her that gives me
all the love that she has
sometimes hit truly
but it is a fist that doesn´t hurt
I live for her that gives me
strong, courage and reality
to feel me half alive
How it hurts when she is not here
I live for her in a hotel
How she shines so strong and high
I live for her in own skin
If she sings in my throat
my black hardship of fright
I live for her and nobody else
can live insede me
she gives me live, and I live it
.. If she is beside me
I f she is beside me
From a box or against a wall
I live for her until the limit
In the darkest trance
I live for her completely
Each day a new conquer
she is the main character too
I live for her that goes
give me always the way out
Because the music is like this
faithful and sincere for a lifetime
I live for her that gives me
nights of love and freedom
If there is another life
I live for her too
Her name is music
I live too
I live for her, believe me
For her too
I live for her
I live
For her
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Vivo por ella

Vivo por ella sin saber
Si la encontré o me ha encontrado
Ya no recuerdo como fue
Pero al final me ha conquistado
Vivo por ella que me da
Toda mi fuerza de verdad
Vivo por ella y no me pesa


Michelle Schenck     January 18th, 2016

Andrea Bocelli is a wonderful singer. He is very talented.

Alma Barroca     October 15th, 2016

The base lyrics have been altered, please check if your translation needs any update.