Ya Tayeb el galb (Ya Tayeb El Galb - يا طيب القلب)

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Ya Tayeb el galb

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oh the one with the tender heart where are you?
it's a sin to dumb you're lover
i miss you oh my life
maybe you'll passion will bring you back
my eyes miss yours
i imagine you in the mirrors
when i sit ,when i open my present
(sorry this is hard i don't get it )
without the look to your front
my eyes miss yours
i'm afraid that my flowers die
and my trunc become dry
i need you oh my existence
i nedd to kiss your hands
my eyes miss yours
i swear i love you
i die and live in your love
i swear of my god and your god
my heart and i are your hostage
my eyes miss yours
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Ya Tayeb El Galb - يا طيب القلب

يا طيب القلب وينك
حرام تهجر ضنينك
مشتاق لك يا حياتي
عسى يردك حنينك
يا شوق عيني لعينك
أتخيلك في المرايا
في مجلسي والهدايا


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natizer     March 21st, 2014

يا شين ذيك الزوايا
it means ( how bad are those corners without seeing your face)