Schatz komm zurück (Aaja We Mahiya)


Aaja We Mahiya

Aaja We Mahiya

Sare tare tour ley aawaan,
Tere qadmaan'ich rakh
Daiyaan mein,
Ik vaari saade koul tu aaja,
Aur na mangaan tere koulun mein

Hanjooan vich doob na saanu,
Apniyan akhian'ich rakh le vey,
Tere dil vich mein hun reina,
Ya tay nei jeena ve

Mein kya aaja ve mahiya,
Mein kya aaja ve mahiya,
Mein kya aaja ve mahiya,
Mein kya aaja ve mahiya,
Mein kya aaja ve mahiya,
Mein kya aaja ve mahiya,
Mein kya aaja ve mahiya,
Mein kya aaja ve mahiya

Vaade kar k tur gai hein lar k
Gal ve hoi nah saadi raj k,
kalyaan beh k jee nahi o lagda
Bin tere billo kuj nahi o sajda,
Tere ishq'ich ban k malang ve
Saanu apnay rang vich rang de,
Tere dil vich mein hun reina ya
Tai nahi jeena ve


Tere mukhray di
Rounaq labdaaa... Saanu
Labda kujh vi ve nai
Tere yaad'ich ho gay
Ni dou din aya tera
Phone v nai...


Submitted by gigglephart on Thu, 11/02/2010 - 06:24
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Can anyone translate this song into English for me, please?
Thank you

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German translation

Schatz komm zurück

Alle Sterne bring ich her
Und zu Füßen leg ich sie dir,
Komm nur ein mal zu mir,
Mehr Werde ich auch verlangen von dir.

Ertränk mich nicht in Trauer,
Behalt mich in deinen Augen.
In deinem Herzen will ich verweilen
Ansonsten nicht am leben bleiben.

Schatz komm zurück. ( 8x)

Erst versprechen gegeben, dann gegangen nach'm Streit.
Unsere Aussprache ist nicht ausreichend erfolgt.
Alleine sitzend komm ich nicht weit

Submitted by tammypet on Sun, 12/08/2012 - 17:31
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Is incomplete

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Sciera     August 18th, 2012

Then please complete it ^^
It's more than the half, so we won't delete it, but it would be best if you would add the rest.

ali12147     June 5th, 2014

I would bring all of the stars,
And place them in your feet.
Come to me just the once,
What else have I ever asked from you?
Don't drown me in misery,
Just place me in your eyes.
I want to stay in your heart,
otherwise I do not want to live

Come to me my love x7

You made promises, then walked away after an argument,
We didn't talk about it properly,
I feel restless sitting here alone,
without, nothing seems right,
I've become crazy in your love,
mix me in with yours colours,
I want to stay in your heart,
Otherwise I dont want to live

Come to me my love x7

How could you forget,
those moments of laughter,
Just tell me once,
Why did you become upset with me and walk away?
Your memory bugs me,
I feel no peace,
Just come back to mee

Come to me my love x7

Sciera     June 5th, 2014

Is that a translation of the lyrics? It's quite different in meaning from the German translation above.
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