Matthias Claudius - Abendlied (Der Mond ist aufgegangen) (English translation)

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The moon has been arising

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The moon has been arising,
the stars in golden guising
adorn the heavens bright.
The woods stand still in shadows,
and from the meads and meadows
lift whitish mists into the night.
The world in stillness clouded
and soft in twilight shrouded,
so peaceful and so fair.
Just like a chamber waiting,
where you can rest abating
the daytime's mis'ry and despair.
Behold the moon – and wonder
why half of her stands yonder,
yet she is round and fair.
We are the ones who're fooling
'cause we are ridiculing
as our minds are unaware.
We vain and wretched sinners
presume to be the winners,
but we know nothing yet.
So many neat solutions
are nought but great delusions
that farther off the path us get.
God, grant us Thy salvation!
No worldly aspiration,
no vanity allow!
Like children simple-hearted,
and joyful like we started,
let us become and teach us how!
And lastly, grant us leaving
the world without much grieving,
let peaceful be our death.
When from the earth You take us,
let heaven's joy await us
stand by us, Lord, at our last breath.
So, brothers, in His keeping
prepare yourself for sleeping;
cold is the evening breeze.
Spare us, Oh Lord, Your ire,
let rest us by the fire,
and grant our ailing neighbour peace.
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Abendlied (Der Mond ist aufgegangen)

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