Farewell my land (Adieu mon pays)

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Farewell my land

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I left my land/country, I left ma home
My life, my sad life languishs* without aim
I left my sun, I left my blue sea
Memories of them reappear**, long after my farewell
Sun, sun of lost country
The white town that I loved, the girls I once have know
I left a friend, I still can see her eyes
Her eyes wet with rain, with the farewell's rain
I still can see her smile, so close from my face
It made the nights of my town shine
But from the boat, that was taking me away from the dock
A chain in the water slapped like a whip
I have been staring for a long time at her rummaging eyes
The sea has drown them in the stream of regrets
Submitted by CaillouChou on Tue, 22/06/2010 - 18:44
Author's comments:

*literally "trains" but it's closer to the original meaning with "languishs"
** literally "wake up" but it seems uncorrect

* "traîne" se traduirait littéralement par "trains" mais j'ai préféré traduire "languishs" qui signifie languir
** en anglais on ne peut pas vraiment dire que des souvenirs se réveillent, on préfèrera qu'ils réapparaissent "reappear"


Adieu mon pays

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