Write my name on your heart (Adımı Kalbine Yaz)

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Write my name on your heart

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I don’t hear from you anymore, you don’t send me greetings..
Has my place been filled?
The love roses that I have sown in your way..
Have they been forgotten.. did they die?
What if destiny separates us one day..
Were our hearts become one..or the false arms of the foreign lands will sedate you..
Hey..those old days were the days..
What we ate and drank cannot separate from us, remember that..
The old days were the days..
Look how quickly you forgot them and make them worthless..
Once a month..once a year..even just once, absolutely call..
Give a moment from your time every now and then to ask: are you still alive or did you die?
Write my name on your heart ..don’t forget me..
The friends that smile at your face today..
Will they be on your side tomorrow as well?
In your good days they are nice..but when they run away from you in your bad days ..
Won’t you get hurt?
In that case..be strong..don’t stray from your way..
And appreciate those who love you from the heart..
Always remember..
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Adımı Kalbine Yaz

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