Sheena Ringo - Yume no ato (夢のあと) (English translation)

English translation

After a Dream

In the news break I could hear your sleeping breath
so much quieter than I expected
The powerful shall deceive if the strings are plucked
If you imagine that distant day, and your braided hair
Hold my hand and stay
squeeze at a scene full of sorrow
And protect the world with this knot
When the lotus flower blooms, it's saffron without fruit
To hope is to do things your own way
Don't wound me
and look back on this scene full of hate.
I'll boldly untie that bundle
"Is it crude to dream?"
I ask your lovely sleeping face
Hold my hand and stay
Search again for a globe full of joy
If this knot fails on this earth
I only want to tie the fortune we met at the same time
To protect the world with this knot
and build the future
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Author's comments:

I don't think I'd fully understand this song even if I was a native Japanese speaker, but I've done my best.
Feedback/help appreciated.


Yume no ato (夢のあと)

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