From One Branch To The Other (Ágról ágra)

English translation

From One Branch To The Other

The bird has flown away, his cage is empty,
Everyone say, he will come back at springtime.
If not at springtime, and not until wheat gets ripe,
You shall know, he's gone forever.
My bird, my bird, I will make you
a diamond cage with marble floor.
I will give you the sweetest bread,
The sweetest bread to eat, and muscat wine to drink.
I don't want to live in a cage,
To live in a cage, to walk on marble floor,
To eat the sweetest bread, or drink muscat wine.
I only want to jump from one branch to the other.
I only want to jump from one branch to the other,
To drink the morning dew, and to eat seeds.
I only want to sing the most beautiful songs
And make my beloved ones happy.
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Ágról ágra

Elment a madárka, üres a kalitka,
Mind azt fudogálja, hazajő tavaszra.
Ha tavaszra nem vár, búzapiruláskor,
Ha még akkor sem jő, tudd meg, sohasem jő.


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