My love (Ah moj zemer)

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My love

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my heart is crying out
all the good days we had are gone
but our memories are still alive
But our hearts are broken in this life
Oh my love Oh my love
I missed calling out your name
I missed you allot, your my soul
I didn't know how much I had loved you t'll now
Ah my heart is burning
who took my spot in your life
Only memories I have of you
But our hearts are broken in this life
Submitted by Guest on Thu, 30/04/2009 - 15:53
Author's comments:

Love this song I tried to translated as best as I can


Ah moj zemer

Ah moj zemer që po vun
dite e mira per ne shkun
po kujtimet na kan mbet
me naj vra zemrat n,ket jet


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