Ahebak Heyll (Ahebak Heyl)

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Ahebak Heyll

I love you so much and I missed you and my love is calling you at the night
Everyday your love is bigger, I want you I don't want anyone else
There's no love after you and before you
You're in my soul and my soul's love, all the time you're in the mind
No no no don't go
Oh who sees you will adore you, oh who can forget you
In my life you'll live and my life didn't know how to find (?)
My heart will live with you, my soul is soft to your love, and everything is up to you
You're in this eye every moment in hours, all years
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Ahebak Heyl

احبك حيل واشتقلك وعشقي ليل يندهلك
كل يوم غرام يزيد غيرك انا ما ريد
لا بعدك حب لا قبلك
انت بالروح حب الروح ليل نهار بالافكار
لا لا لا لا تروح
اه مين يشوفك ما يهواك اه مين يقدر ينساك


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