Aj jaj joj * (aj jaj joj)


aj jaj joj

Aj jaj joj
koji mi je moj
Poznat cu te na ulici
po suknjici
mirises mi na slicici
u torbici
Sta je to mene lupilo
ko da me iz vedra neba
grom pogodio
to je to
Srce sasavo
bolje da sam svu noc pio
nek te ljubio
(nek te jurio)
Aj jaj joj
Koji mi je moj
Poznat cu te i u mraku
po koraku
dusa zna te na telefonu
po govoru
Idu dani rastimani
ko tamburice
sad me hoces
sutra neces
Lisice mjesec stao ruga se
bradavica svrbi me
bjezi blesane
sad ce zora da svane
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English translation

Aj jaj joj *

Aj jaj joj
What's with me
I will recognize you on the street
By the skirt
I can feel your smell on a picture
In my bag
What has gotten to me
Like from bright sky
A thunder shot me
That's it
Silly heart
It would be better if I drank all night
I don't care if he kissed you
(If he chased you)
Aj jaj joj
What's with me
I will recognize you in the dark
By your steps
The soul knows you on the phone
By your voice
Days are passing, out of tune
Like tamburitzas
Now you want me
Tomorrow you don't
Moon, the fox, stopped, it's mocking me
Wart is itching me
Go away mutt
Now the dawn will come
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