Something of yours (Algo Teu)


Algo Teu

É só o nada a bater-nos à porta
E a mim importa-me que estejas a meu lado
Enquanto o medo vai dançando à nossa volta

É só uma imagem que sonhámos doce imagem
Nada que um dia após o outro reproduza
Mas meu amor estaremos sempre de passagem
Esquece o que eles dizem sobre um grande amor
Quem podia mais querer-te como eu
Nada que acredite conseguir mostrar pois é algo teu

Submitted by Lemoncholic on Tue, 03/07/2012 - 17:11
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English translation

Something of yours

There is just the "nothing" knocking our door
But to me the most important is you to stay by my side
As the fear dances around us

It's just an image that we used to dream of, sweet image
It's not something that the passage of time can't reproduce
But, my love, we will always be just passing by
Forget what they say about a great love
Who else could want you so much as I want?
You can't share everything you believe in, because it's something of yours only

Submitted by dowlenon1 on Wed, 18/07/2012 - 23:35
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Lemoncholic3 years 28 weeks
Lemoncholic     August 8th, 2012

I have some thoughts on the last line. The "Nothing that you believe to be able to show, 'cause it's something of yours" one.

Here, I think, the songwriter states: a person cannot share everything of his inner world and be understood, there are those very private things with which a stranger is not able to comprehend.

So, I would arrange the line like this:
"You cannot share everything you believe in, because it's something of yours only".

dowlenon1     August 8th, 2012

Thank you Smile

I've already corrected this part. Indeed I had not understand that sentence at all... but I think your suggestion fits nicely in that context.