oh God




Ne zaman anarsam seni,
Kararım kalmaz Allah’ım,
Senden gayrı gözüm yaşım,
Kimseler silmez Allah’ım.


Sensin ismi Baki olan,
Sendin dillerde okunan,
Senin aşkına dokunan,
Kendini bilmez Allah’ım.


Aşık Yunus seni ister,
Lütfeyle cemalin göster,
Cemalin gören aşıklar,
Ebedi ölmez Allah’ım.

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oh God

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whenever I think of you
Oh God there remains no choice for me
nobody wipes my eyes' tears away but you
My God


you are the one whose name remains
you were the one called by tongues
anyone who touches your love
does not know himself any more


Yunus, in love, wants you
please show your beauty
the in loved people who see your beauty
never dies My God

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