MILJARDID - Allan (English translation)

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suuta suuta
suuta suuta
su huultelt veerida
selgieimgi veel
ma olen ainult sinu peegeldus
selgieimgi veel
see kõik on ainult ettekujutus
suuta süüta
koos eksisteerida
suuta muuta
ja oma kama šeerida
selgieimgi veel
nüüd on meil mille vahel valida
selgieimgi veel
tuvike mis nii viga viga elada
küsimus vana hea
mida ma tegema pean
mida ma tegema pean
tegema pean
ma tean et ma midagi ei tea
kuid ikkagi noogutan pead
nagu allan
loendamas üheksandat lainet
ootamas hetke mõnda kainet
tõuse üles alla
ära anna eal
nõnda ülev allan
suur süda selge pea
näita ennast allan
ava oma meel
pimedast välja valla
kõik nüüd on selgieimgi veel
näita ennast
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English translation


To be able to, to be able to
To be able to, to be able to
spell [words] out of your lips
Even more-most clearer1
I'm just your reflection
Even more-most clearer
It's all just imaginary
To be able to - without guilt -
exist together
To be able to change (things)
and share your own stuff
Even more-most clearer
Now we have what to choose between
Even more-most clearer2
Oh, my dove, what fault to find in living like that?3
a question, old and good
what should I do?
what must I do?
should I do
I know that I know nothing
but I still nod along
like Allan
counting the ninth wave
waiting for just one sober moment
Rise up (down)
never give up
Allan is so sublime
big heart, clear mind
Show yourself, Allan
Open your senses
out of the darkness, opened up
Now everything is even more-most clearer
Show yourself,
  • 1. "selgieim" is not a very 'real' word imo, if I wanted to give the line an extra meaning, it would be "get more clear! (selgi veel!)"
  • 2. just to think about... comparative is "selgem", superlative "selgeim" but no in Estonian is EI
  • 3. this line should mean something like, it's easy and comfortable to live in some manner, up to "what's the point to try anything else", I think it is not ironic; i need a better translation, please help me
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Author's comments:

"selgieimgi veel" - could be translated more cleverly
"mis nii viga elada?" - is troublesome... what's the trouble in living like that?
Some of the "cleverness" of the lyrics might come from the fact that Allan and "alla" (downwards) sound similar.

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