So everybody just dances


Alors on danse


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So everybody just dances

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So everybody just dances... (x3)

When you say studies, you're saying work
When you say job, you're saying dough
When you say money, you're saying expenditure
When you say credit, you're saying due
When you say debts, you're saying baillif
Yes, being in deep shit
When you say love, you're saying kids
And 'forever'* and divorce
When you say family and friends, you're saying grief
Indeed problems don't come alone
When you say crisis, you're saying world, starvation and Third-World
When you say tiredness, you're saying awakening
Still deaf from the previous night
So everyone goes out to forget their trouble
So everybody just dances (x9)
And now you think that's over
For the only thing worse than that would be death
When finally you believe it works out
When there's no more [trouble] left, there are still some
Is it the music or the trouble, the trouble or the music ?
It makes your gut and your head turn
So you pray for it to stop
But that's your body not Heaven
So you press your ears even harder
And now you scream even louder and it goes on
So everybody just sings
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala
So everybody just sings
Lalalalalala, Lalalalalala

So everybody just sings (x2)
And only when that's over... (so everybody just dances)
So everybody just dances (x7)
Well, there are still [trouble] left ! (x5)

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* A French proverb reads Amour rime avec toujours: 'love rhymes with always'.

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