Lark (Alouette)



Alouette, gentille aluoette,
je te plumerai

je te plumerai le bec
je te plumerai le bec,
et le bec, et le bec.
Alouette, alouette!

Je te plumerai la cou,
je te plumerai la tête,
je te plumerai la ventre
je te plumerai la queue,
les pattes...

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English translation


Lark, nice lark,
I will pluck you

I will pluck your beak
I will pluck your beak,
and the beak, and the beak.
Lark, lark!

I will pluck your neck,
I will pluck your head,
I will pluck your stomach,
I will pluck your tail,
" your feet...

Submitted by Frippo on Thu, 16/02/2012 - 19:46
Author's comments:

While most Americans know it as a fun kid's song, it's kind of a farmer's song? Slightly gruesome And a way to learn different words for body parts (both human and bird - the head, etc. doesn't change). In school we also included "le dos" which means back and "les ailes" which means wings.

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