The People of Israel Are alive [ Am yisrael chai (עם ישראל חי)  ]

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The People of Israel Are alive

The people of Israel are alive
Here is the Torah, and here is the prayer,
and here is the divine spirit
here is our holy land, which you gave us
we will never move from here.
here is the blessing, and here is the promise,
from here will come the salvation
the redeemer, son of David will come and redeem us
we will not move from here.
A land that was given in a conditio,
"if you'll obey my laws",
to live in the fatherland,
to keep and fulfill your commandments
to remember that with all the hopes
the people of Israel are alive!
here we are bilding, and here we are leaving
from here, for eternity,
we will excepet the yoke of Heaven
and we will never move from here
here we sat, old and young
from here and until the end of the days
prepared will be the temple mount
God in Jerusalem
and we will not move from here
here will arise the temple, high priest will approach
to the sound of the Leviyim
and Shir HaMa'alot we will all sing together
we will never move frome here.
here will come a redeemer, to the land of Israel,
and to one another we will say:
Strong and be strengthened, all of us together
and we will note move from here.
the Torah is our lives
that was given to us for our fathers's right
we are here in our cuntry and we will never ove form here.
and will not move fron here.
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Torah-Jewish biblical and rabbinic literature
Leviyim-people from the tribe named LEVI, one of the 12 Jewish tribes
Shir HaMa'alot-the 121th song of Psalm. written by the king of the of the people of Israel, David.

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Am yisrael chai (עם ישראל חי)

Am Ysroel Chai
Kan zo hatora, vekan zo hatfilah
Vekan shokhenet hashkhina
Kan artzeinu hakdosha, asher natata
Lo nazuz mikan le'olam.
Kan zo habrakha, vekan zo havtakha,
Mikan tavo hage'ula


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