Let Me Be On My Own


Amake Amar Moto Thakte Dao (আমাকে আমার মতো থাকতে দাও)

Amake amar moto thakte dao
Ami nijeke nijer moto guchiye niyechi
Jeta chilona chilona sheta na paoyai thak
Sab pele nashto Jibon

Tomar ei duniyar jhapsa aloy
Kichu sandhyer guro haoa kaancher moto
Jodi ure jete chao tobe ga bhashiye dao
Durbine chokh rakhbona na na
Na na na na
Na na na na

Ei Jaahaj Mastul Chhaarkhaar
Tobu golpo likhchi baanchbaar
Ami rakhte chai na aar taar
Kono raat dupur-er abdaar
Tai cheshta korchi bar bar
Saantre paar khonjar...

Na na na...

Kokhono akash beye chup kore
jodi neme ase bhalobasa khub bhore
chokh bhanga ghume tumi khujo na amay
ashe pashe ami ar nei...
amar janye alo jelo na keu
ami manuser samudre gunechi dheu
ei station -er chattore hariye gechi
sesh train -e ghore phirbo na na na
na na na na (2)

Tomar rokte ache swapno joto
tara chhutchhe ratridin nijer moto
kokhono somoy pele ektu bhebo
anguler phaanke ami koi...
hiseber bhire ami chaina chhute
joto shukno peyajkoli fridge -er sheet -e
ami obelar daal-bhaate phuriye gechi
gelas er jol-e bhasbo na na na
na na na na (2)

Ei Jaahaj Mastul Chharkhar
Tobu golpo likhchi banchbaar
Ami rakhte chai na ar tar
Kono rat dupur-er abdar
Tai cheshta korchi bar bar
Satre par khojar.....

Na na na ..........

Try to align

Let Me Be On My Own

Let me be on my own,
I've sorted out my strife.
Let the non-existent be sweet might-have-beens of my life.
In this hazy half-lit world,
In bits of dusk you may
Feel free to fly away, my friend.
I shall not soothsay.

In my shipwrecked existence,
I struggle to stay afloat.
I am not giving in to her whims,
Need to find my own life boat.
Hence swimming against the tide in search
Of a Promised Land remote.

If love drips by at the dawn
Like silent dewdrops, you
Will not find me there,
I'd have vanished from your view.
So I wish for none to light a candle in the dark.
The last train left as i got lost and I could not embark.

Dreams run wild now in your blood
Through the night and morn.
If you try to grasp me then
You will find I'm gone.
I'll bypass the frosty touch
Of minds and veggies dry,
And though I've lost myself,
I will not comply.

No, I shall not soothsay.
No, I could not embark.
No, I will not comply.

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