Simone & Simaria - Amando Por Um (English translation)

English translation

Loving for One

I know it's hard
Don't exist that hot kiss anymore
I've seen inside your eyes that you aren't glad
I'm always traying to soften the fights
I'm killing myself to save our lives
Iê iê, and I...
Because I love you
Even I know all the damage you've done to me
I keep loving you
Cause I love you
I'll never admit that this love is finishing
Cause I love you
If you can't be happy with me
Cause I love you
No, I won't
I won't loss you
I've already realized the best option is acepting the ''no''
And stoping the suffering
No, I won't
I won't force you
To insist in this solitare love
Loving for one it' won't work
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Amando Por Um

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