Absolute (Apolyto | Απόλυτο)

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I search for you in my lost nights
in the clock's indicators
you are my need
you crack and i crack with you
i am the sound that leaves
my soul's heart
you are the absolute
my top sentiment
an endless Idoni trip
you are the absolute
the glittering in my glance
and a body that is not touched
by anyone else
i see you in my eye's colors
in your stellar body sixth sense
i bend and you bend with me
you were and you will be
forever mine
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Apolyto | Απόλυτο

Σε ψάχνω στης χαμένες μου νύχτες
μεσ΄του ρολογιού τους δείχτες
είσαι ανάγκη μου
Ραγίζεις και ραγίζω μαζί σου
είμαι ο ήχος που αφήνει
η καρδιά της ψυχής μου
Είσαι το απόλυτο