Sektor Gaza - Apyatt Sivodnya (Опять Сегодня) (English translation)

English translation

Today Again

Today again with a hangover,
Once more, life doesn't feel nice
Today again my head is spinning
My friends will visit me again,
Again, I cannot refuse them
Today again there will be vodka and grass (1)
Today again, Today again,
Today again it'll be the same as yesterday,
Today again, Today again,
Today again we'll be stoned until morning.
Again tonight, We'll go on a rampage
We'll break down in the grocery store,
Again, we'll drink vodka and wine,
Again we'll cause a big commotion in the hut
Again, we'll hit the chicks,
Today again, my legs will hardly hold me
Again we won't be missed
When we're gonna get bored
Again our neighbors, of course, won't take kindly to us
Again with bruised legs (2)
Again the PMG will arrive (3)
Again we'll have to sleep in the dry-out cell
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Submitted by SaintMark on Tue, 28/11/2017 - 05:35
Author's comments:

TL mine
(1) grass, meaning hashish or marihuana
(2) Either bruised legs from being drunk, repeatedly stumbling and falling, or probably "shackles on our legs" ??
(3) PMG - a mobile police unit (подвижная Милицейская группа) or Mobile Militia Garrison (Передвижной милицейский гарнизон)


Apyatt Sivodnya (Опять Сегодня)

Brat    Sat, 02/12/2017 - 15:31

Опять сегодня напролом,->Again tonight, we'll force our way,
Мы ломанёмся в гастроном,->Having flocked together, to the grocery store,
Опять затаримся водярой и вином,->Again, we'll buy (get) vodka and wine,
Опять ударим по нутрам,->Again, we'll hit the bellies (guts), (meaning a lot of drinks)
Опять нам будет не хватать,->Again it won't be enough (vodka and other drinks)

BTW, the bruised legs are from fighting, I suppose. Regular smile