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Armstrong, I am no black
I am white-skinned
When one wants to sing about hope,
what a rotten luck !
Granted, I see the sky, the bird,
still nothing shines up there.
Angels : none.
I am white-skinned.

Armstrong, you split your side laughing
all your teeths show out.
As for me, I rather brood
all black inside.
Sing for me Luis, oh yeah,
sing, sing, sing it keeps me warm.
I'm cold, oh me
and my white skin.

Armstrong, life is such a fuss!
not so funny, eh?
Be it written white on black
or black on white.
There's mostly red, red to be seen
blood, blood, no bloody truce or rest (1)
neither, I reckon
for black nor white-skinned.

Armstrong, one day sooner or later
we're nothing but bones...
Will yours be black ?
That would be funny.
Come on Luis, come on Lord(2)
Beyond our faded finery
Black and White are alike
like two drops of water.

(1)&(2) did my best for the puns .

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