So he won't ever love you (Así no te amará jamás)

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So he won't ever love you

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I know you're telling your friends
That you don't care for me anymore
That time you spent by my side
Is a completed chapter without a happy ending
I know woman that you are giving
What you never wanted to give me
Dares to say that I have no dignity
I feel pity for her
Perhaps I should resign and never call you again
Perhaps I should respect and not beg you anymore
Maybe I should let them
Live a romance in peace
I don't know who of us is losing more
I don't know will you see considering how stupid you are
I know he won't love you like he loved me
So he won't ever love you. x2
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Así no te amará jamás

Yo se que a tus amigos vas diciendo
que ya no te importa más de mi
que al tiempo al lado mio
es un capitulo concluido sin final feliz


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kiketake     September 4th, 2013

Que recuerdos Wow, gracias por la traduccion

ab_cd123     September 4th, 2013

De nada. Es una cancion muy bonita y fue un placer tradurcirla Smile