Assala Nasri - Ased Aih (قاصد إيه؟) (English translation)

English translation

What does he mean?

The way he talks to me, it is love, and he feels it
And he found what he wanted in me and now he lives for me
I wish he makes it clear for me, I see unspoken words in his eyes and in the next day it's all gone
No, this is the way relatives or friends treat each other
Or just courteous compliments between strangers
He's driving me crazy like this, why can't he just assure me
What does he mean? what happened to me? Why can't I understand him?
The way he talks now makes me feel like he needs me
Then two minutes later I find out that's not what he meant
Is my guess correct or is it just my imagination?
He's a good soul, that's why he smiles to everyone
How could I know this? He confused me in mere two days
I'm really scared there's really nothing and I'm already seeing the bad signs, it's been like that for quite some time
Why can't he show me the way he's heading in?
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لك الحرية في استخدام ترجماتي كيفما شئت مكان طالما وضعت الرابط لها
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Ased Aih (قاصد إيه؟)