thats how it was (Asi fue)

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thats how it was

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Excuse me if I make you cry
Excuse me if I make you suffer
but It's just not in my hands
It's just not in my hands, that I’ve fallen in love
I’ve fallen love, I fell in love
Excuse me if i cause you pain
Excuse me if today I say goodbye
How can I say that I love you?
How can I say that I love you?
she asked me if i did, i told her no
I told her no
I’m being honest with her and with you
I love her and I have forgotten you
If you want we’ll be friends
I’ll help you forget the past
Don't hold on
Don’t hold on to something impossible
Don’t hurt yourself or hurt me
You know it wasn’t my fault
You just left me without saying anything to me
And even though I cry like I’ve never did before
I was still in love with you
But you left
And you didn’t tell if you were coming back
And without anything else, I don’t know
But thats how it was, thats how it was
I wished the best of lucks
I promised not to speak to you nor to see you again
And now you’re back there’s nothing here
I can´t love you, I must not love you
I don’t love you anymore
I´ve fallen in love of a divine being
Of a great love
Who taught me to forget
And forgive
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Asi fue

Perdona si te hago llorar
Perdona si te hago sufrir
Pero es que no esta en mis manos
Pero es que no esta en mis manos,me he enamorado
Me he enamorado,me enamore.
Perdona si te causo dolor
Perdona si hoy te digo adiós
Como decirle que te amo


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