I'm Disappointed


Aşk olsun

Ne acı, ne ara birikti bu kadar hicran
İçimde hiç bilmediğim yerler acıyor inan
Ne hazin, ne ara yığıldı içime bunca keder
Kendime ne çok kötülük ettim artık yeter

Gel gözümün bebeği canımın direği
Yapayalnızım şimdi nolur çık gel çok özledim
Ah yine savruldum oradan oraya
Bana en güzel sonsun nolur çık gel aşk olsun

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I'm Disappointed

Shame, when did all this pain emerged?
Places which I know nothing about are hurt inside me, believe me
What a shame, when did all this sorrow piled up within me?
I've done myself wrong enough, that does it!

Come, my one and only, the center of my heart
I'm all alone now please come I've missed you so much
Oh I've been scattered away again
You're the happiest end for me, come, I'm disappointed*

Submitted by Jansay on Tue, 01/05/2012 - 02:12
Author's comments:

*"Aşk olsun" is an idiom that's used when someone's disappointed. I don't believe English has a decent counterpart for it.

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