Prodigal son [ Asotos jios (Άσωτος γιός) ]

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Prodigal son

In the café he wasn’t seen
for two months now;
with his sweetheart he didn’t meet
for this long too
Time is passing,
he isn’t turning up at home;
could he be travelling alone
like another prodigal son
They burst of jealousy
but pretend their laughing;
drop it, they said, the army
will break him in
An early evening, I was hanging out alone
at the station
I saw him, as if in a dream,
in an empty train
I forget about working
and take off with him;
look at how he laughs like a child,
now there is no turning back
The cities and the station are passing away
along with the unworthy friends;
strange landscapes, inebriation and impatience
no one among us knows where this leads to
In this city no one anymore
had anything to say,
and the two runaways leave
without remorse or shame
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Asotos jios (Άσωτος γιός)

lyrics-music: Nikos Portokaloglou
Στο καφενείο έχουνε δυο μήνες
να τον δουν
Με την καλή του έχουν άλλο τόσο
να βρεθούν
Ο καιρός περνάει,
σπίτι δεν πατάει


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