Eyes Past Dead¹ (Augen Unter Null)

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Eyes Past Dead¹

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Waves of despair
Break over you
In the cold current
You drift away from me
You find no home
Like a vagabond
None of your anchors
Bites into solid ground
There, where the heavens end,
You first start
Eyes past dead
Soul without light
Immersed alone
And no land in sight
Eyes past dead
Don't see the shore
Immersed alone
And no land in sight
In the rhythm of the tides
Rising and falling
You're out of control
Your time is growing short
Full of doubt and full of worry
But in your heart, empty
Sunken far within yourself
Deep and full of tears
Hope made of sand
Runs through your hand
You can't go under now
Hope made of sand
Runs through your hand
Even if you
can't understand²
Submitted by fulicasenia on Thu, 08/03/2012 - 22:07
Author's comments:

¹Duden: die Augen auf null gestellt haben (salopp; tot sein). This is pretty poetical of me and a bit of a reach. A more literal translation would be Eyes Below Zero.
²literally 'can't understand it,' but who could resist that rhyme?

People keep on voting for and thanking me for my two Eisbrecher translations. If there are other Eisbrecher songs you want me to translate into English, leave a comment here or PM me, and I'll do my best.

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Augen Unter Null

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brightswan     March 12th, 2012

Hi Fulicasenia,

Nice translation and I commend you for going out there on that limb with the title. I would have personally used “Eyes Below Zero,” but I understand it, it works, and it shows creativity. Too many times translations are done word for word.

Here are a few alterative phrases, mostly stylistic variations:

3rd block, first line: there where the heavens end
3rd block, 2nd line: your journey just begins

3rd block, fourth line: your soul without light
3rd block, fifth line: inundated, (alone/on your own)
5th block, last line: deep and (filled with tears/full of tears)

Overall, excellent job! Smile

fulicasenia     March 12th, 2012

thanks! I've revised the translation to include some of your suggestions.

fulicasenia     March 25th, 2012