Ave Maria

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Ave Maria

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Today, so many are so alone.
There are so many tears on earth
and nights full of loneliness.
And everyone wishes a dream full of tenderness.
And sometimes a few words are enough
not to be so alone anymore.
Strangers become friends
and sorrows become small.
Ave Maria.
Ave Maria, long is the journey through the night.
There are so many ways to the stars
and everyone looks for a hand that holds them.
Maybe someone is as sad as you
come on and approach them.
Don't lock your doors tonight
and open your heart widely today.
And let the other feel your warmth
in this cold season.
Ave Maria.
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Ave Maria

Please help to translate "Ave Maria"
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snorio     July 9th, 2011

Thank you Smile

saif.khoja     May 12th, 2013

Super!!! Danke Smile

Coopysnoopy     February 15th, 2017

Lyrics corrected.
It is Christmas time not cold season.