Oh, what a lovely cha cha cha (Ay, qué lindo cha cha cha)


Ay, qué lindo cha cha cha

Ay, qué lindo cha cha cha
Es un baile sin igual (cha cha)
Muy sencillo y sensual (cha cha)
Viejo y joven pue'en 1 bailar (cha cha)
Bueno si es particular (cha cha)
Lo bailan los cubanos
Lo tocan los romanos
Lo cantan los gallegos
Y hasta lo bailo yo
Lo bailan aquí y allá2
Y nadie lo resiste
Esto lo juro yo
Ay, qué sabroso cha cha cha
  • 1. pueden
  • 2. la ll se transforma en una l (alá) en la voz de la cantante
Submitted by rainymoon on Sat, 05/08/2017 - 02:16
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Note on the video:
The request comments said the song starts at minute 1:40.

@DonnieBrasco *This single line I am very unsure of (so I left it out)
, because it may refer to proper names, and when it is repeated the dialogue
makes it very difficult to piece it together. Maybe someone else can contribute to it.
I hope it helps you, though!

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English translation

Oh, what a lovely cha cha cha

Oh, what a lovely cha cha cha
It's a dance like no other (cha cha)
Very simple and sensual (cha cha)
Old and young can dance
Good if it's particular
Cubans dance it
Romans play it
Galicians sing it
And even I dance it
They dance it here and there
And nobody resists it
This I swear
Oh, what a flavorful cha cha cha
Submitted by rainymoon on Tue, 08/08/2017 - 01:03
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