Tamer Hosny - Ayam zaman (أيام زمان) (Transliteration)


Ayam zaman

beya7´odny 7anen w yegebny 7anen
ayam bet3ady w kol youm bnshof kteer
betgheb aw2at 3an balna 7agat
w 7agat f 2lobna bnftkrha b kol 7´er
nas ben2abel nas w nfare2 nas
w msh 2adren nensa elly kan
men f el donya de men ma7lmsh f youm
law terga3 beh ayam zaman
3ala zekra sa3at f 7aiatna zaman ..
3ayshen netmana youm mn el 3omr elly fat
w ne3esh ma3 nas kano a3´la el nas
w yaret law terga3 bena agmal zekrayat
Submitted by Eagles Hunter on Tue, 10/01/2017 - 20:59
Author's comments:

This transliteration is not mine. It was moved to be transliteration after being introduced here as lyrics for this song.


Ayam zaman (أيام زمان)

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