MUCC - Ayatori (あやとり) (English translation)

English translation

Cat's Cradle

In this room where the string of the cat’s cradle tying me to you was cut,
I’m crying, I'm crying
On the pillar in the corner, both our names are carved
The you and I under than umbrella were crying, watching me here alone
Again, I tear off a thin page from the one-a-day calendar
One scrap of paper told all of my lies
I went crazy, I bashed my head against the wall
The vocabulary lined up on that scrap of paper leads my heart astray
When that happens, I’ll greet my own morning that I can’t call “tomorrow” in words
I want to go back to that time
I can’t go back
If I could go back,
I’d go back to us…
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Ayatori (あやとり)

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