You're Welcome [ Bú Kè Qì (不客气) [You're Welcome] (Chinese Mandarin Version) ]

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You're Welcome

Well, well, I know what happened
Faced with this great life it is very wonderful
No one knows how to react
This is very adorable
I realise that humans never change
Now broaden your horizons
See clearly, I am Maui, please calm down
I have a perfect hairstyle and stature
When you're staring at this great god
I can only say one thing, you're welcome
I gave you the tides and sunny days
This is very simple, very easy, you're welcome
I'm just a regular tough guy
Hey, I hold up the sky with my fingers
When you stagger forward I support you
When in the freezing night fire keeping you warm is completely stolen
I am here, yo!
Oh, I make the sun rise, you're welcome
So you have many happy days
I can control the fierce winds, you're welcome
To make boats sail, to make leaves fall
This is a mere trifle, you're welcome
I brought the earth from the sea
You don't need to bow on ceremony, you're welcome
Ha, I'm just being myself
You're welcome, you're welcome
Oh, to turn around and think about it
Actually, I could in one go
Explain all of Mother Nature's phenomena
The tides, grass, the ground
All good things done by me, Maui!
I harshly got rid of the eel
From the seed of a tree a coconut sprouted for you
Don't you understand, do you have a new inspiration?
When Maui is angry you must hurry to get away
Look at the marks in my skin
They all demonstrate the signs of victory
Where I have been, a good thing has arrived
Little Maui, miserly in the past, has already changed his good temper
Still I'm telling you, you're welcome
I made this world beautiful
This is very simple, very easy, you're welcome
I remember now I have to go
It's your chance to say "you're welcome"
I ask to borrow your boat
To sail far away, you're welcome
I'm best at everything except floating
You're welcome, you're welcome
Thank you
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I am an absolute beginner in translating Mandarin and so I probably made many mistakes and wrote rubbish! So corrections are very welcome! 提前谢谢!

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Bú Kè Qì (不客气) [You're Welcome] (Chinese Mandarin Version)

好啦 好啦,我知道发生了什么
要看清楚 是我毛伊 请冷静