Harlem Shake lyrics


Harlem Shake

Con los terroristas
Ey Shake
Ey Shake
Ey, Ey, Ey, Ey
Shake, Ta. Ta
And do the Harlem Shake
Ey Shake, Ey

Shake, Shake
Shake, Shake, Shake
Con los terroristas
Ey, Con los terroristas
Ey, Ey

Submitted by SilentRebel83 on Wed, 20/02/2013 - 17:32
Submitter's comments:

Con los terroristas is Spanish for "with the terrorists"

Thanks to Art for the translation!


Iwan     February 28th, 2013
SilentRebel83     February 28th, 2013

Hi. You're welcome to add it into the database.

Rubyhope5     April 21st, 2013

Ey- oh
Tas- it