Baby Maniacs


Baby Maniacs

Lovely? Cutie? Sexy? Pretty? Cool? or Chic?
Kyou wa dono atashi de semete mimashou ka
Zettai ryouiki kontorasuto shikou sakugo shite
Kimi no shisen dokusen machigai nai desho

Nozonde negatte motto motto motomete
Nan demo nareru no kimi no omoidoori
Kisekaete henshin sasete mou dou ni demo shite
Tsuide ni dakishimete!

Baby boy!
Chuudoku tomannai hayaku atashi wo ubatte
Nee ganchuu ni nai no? Sono me ni wa dare ga utsutte iru no?
Kimi wo furimukaseru tame nara donna te demo tsukau wa
Chouzetsu ore-sama shugi no kimi ni au no wa atashi dake

Nee atashi no naka kimi dake nan da shiranai furi wa yamete yo
Kono mune no itami wo tomete yo motto kamatte you

Baby Maniacs!
Oborechau no hayaku atashi wo tsuredashite
Nee muchuu nan da kono me ni utsuru no wa hitori dake

Nande takan nan da nani ga fuman nan da
Nante rifujin ni sakende mitari
love you! I need you!
Atashi wa kimi ni au tame ni umarete kita no!

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Baby Maniacs

Lovely? Cutie? Sexy? Pretty? Cool? or Chic?
How should I attack you today?
Flashing the contrast of my absolute territory this is a thought trial and error process
But there's no doubt I will monopolize your gaze

Hope for it wish for it seek me more and more
Everything will be the way you want it to
Change my clothes transform me do whatever you want with me
And hold me tight while you're at it!

Baby boy!
My infatuation won't stop so hurry up and steal me away
Say, am I not even in your vision?
Who's the one reflected in those eyes of yours?
If I can make you turn around to look at me I will do anything it takes
I'm the only good match for you, my egoistic prince

You know, you're the only one in my mind so stop pretending not to realize my feelings
Stop the pains in my chest and care about me more

Baby Maniacs!
I'm going to drown in this so hurry up and take me out
You know, I'm head over heels for you there's only one person reflected in these eyes of mine

Why are you so sensitive? What could you be unhappy about?
Or so I try shouting out these unreasonable thoughts
love you! I need you!
I was born into this world just so I could meet you!

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