Lucio Dalla - Barcarola (English translation)

English translation


On two seas and a thought flies slowly
this sailing ship
on an island which is not farther away than a disease
they're leisurely waiting for me like in a game
a dog, a safe dish [safe meaning "I'm sure I'll have it"]
and a fire woman
but the sailing ship always slower
stops without courage and without wind
and the sea becomes stone
while the dog barks, the dish gets colder
the woman on the harbor, nervous up and down
goes around
For the whole night, another day on this wood [metaphor for ship]
inside a smell of feet
like an idiot looking around me
while on the island the dish got empty
The woman, now annoyed, forgot about me
the dog after three days of hard waiting
just fell asleep
Then a night, different than the others
a night really puts everything in order
even the sailing ship restarts sailing
I'll search for a warmer dish, something to eat
another woman can still be found
while I get off the ship
the dog woke up
comes to me and restarts barking
duh boo duh duh duh
duh boo duh duh duh
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