Aside from you (Baška ti)


Baška ti


Okraća ljubav kao sve druge
velike stvari.
Izgori kao dozreo, siv pepeo
na cigari.

Navikne čovjek da sve
vremenom izgubi sjaj...
Navikne čovjek da sve
ima pocetak i kraj...

Baška ti,
baška sve što su oči gledale po svijetu...
Baška ti,
baška sve što su ruke grlile u letu...

Šta sam to mislio ja, žrtva iluzija,
kad si rekla da je kraj,
da je ljubav kutija što se vremenom
baci u kraj?

Donesu godine znak
da vise nisi jak.
Kažu mi gdje si i s kim,
al' ja se ne mirim sa tim...

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Aside from you

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Like all other big things
in life, love fades as well
it burns off like
the gray ash on a cigarette

You get used to everything
losing it's shine after a while
you get used to everything
having a beginning and an ending

Aside from you, everything I've seen
in the world has changed
aside from you, everything my hands have touched
has changed during my lifetime

What was I - a victim of illusion, thinking of
when you told me our relationship was over
'that love is a box I can
throw away in some corner with time?'

With age you learn
you're not strong anymore
people tell me where and with whom you are
but I can't reconcile with it

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