Assala Nasri - Baeen Aedayek (بين إيديك) (English translation)

English translation

In your arms

In your arms. I forget myself1 in your arms
It is so hard to go on in this life without you
With every day
my love grows a bit
I need you by my side
Do not ever leave me not even for a single night
With you I got my life and my world back
With you I live in this life as if in heaven2
With you I saw my route and my way with my own eyes
You're the only one for me. with you I feel safe
I don't fear the time as long as you're here with me
I really need you. come closer
  • 1. An Egyptian idiom means: to be with someone with all your soul that you lose concern and awareness even with yourself
  • 2. Approx. translated
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Baeen Aedayek (بين إيديك)