He won't be like me


Benim gibi olmayacak


Baharda serseriye sevmesi kolay
Gönlünü kışlara mahkum tutsa
Tüm yıldızlar adına çıksa
Tanrı yazsa kaderin olsa
Benim gibi olmayacak
Belki sevgilin olacak
Yalandan mutlu gibi yapacaksın
Sabahları uyanınca
Gözlerinde hep beni bulacaksın
Kalbin hep yarım kalacak
Aradığım nedir diye soracaksın
Benim gibi olmayacak
Benim gibi olmayacak
Sonu bendim

Submitted by beyazface on Wed, 28/12/2011 - 02:01
Try to align

He won't be like me

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For a vagrant, it's easy to love at spring
Even if she has condemned her heart to the winter
Even if all stars will come out in her name
Even if God will write it into the destiny
He won't be like me
Maybe you'll have a beloved
You'll pretend that you're happy
Waking up every morning
You'll always find/see me in his eyes
Your heart will always miss something
You'll ask yourself: "What am I looking for?"
He won't be like me
Don't think this
He won't be like me
I was the end

Submitted by baby_girl_ on Thu, 14/06/2012 - 10:59
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