Nader El Atat - Betrakes Oyouni (بترقص عيوني) (English translation)


Betrakes Oyouni (بترقص عيوني)

لمّا ايديي بتمسكن
إيام عمري بتملكن
دقات قلبي بإيدها
بتوقّفن، بتحرّكن
بترقّص عيوني رقص
بتملّي بحياتي النقص
وبتصير تحكي بالطقس
وكأن شىء لم يكن (x2)
خدودا اللي منّي بيخجلو
بحسّن انا بيتاكلو
بمثّل عليها بالزعل
كثرة ما بتراضي حلو
قدّام سحرا بنغلب
بتسلبلي ضحكاتي سلب
عينيها بلوّو القلب
لمّا حنان بينتلوا
قلبا الانا بحبو متت
فكّرتو لغيري خوتت
فتشتوا مافي غير انا
سلّمت عحالي وفتت
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English translation

she makes my eyes dance

when she holds my hands
she owns the days of my life
with her hand, my heartbeats
she stops them, moves them
she makes my eyes dance
she fills the missing in my life
and then she talks about weather
like nothing happened
her cheeks that shy away from me
I feel like I can eat them 1
I act like I'm upset with her
because of how amazing her making up to me
I'm defeated against her magic
she owns my laughs
her eyes move the heart
when they're filled with care
I panicked when I thought that her heart
the heart that I love was someone else's
I searched it, found no one else
I greeted myself and went in 2
  • 1. it's a normal expression to show how sweet her cheeks are. It's not in a cannibalistic sense at all, I promise
  • 2. the usual exaggerations found in many Arabic songs. It's just to say that indeed no one was there in her heart but himself
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