He doesn't have breaks [ Bez tormozov (Без тормозов) ]

English translation

He doesn't have breaks

Along the road, strait ahead, a broken track was riding
An engine died, the battery is completely off-charged
The blockhead is hitting the ground, he ate too many nails
And he doesn't have breaks, any breaks, none.
This was of things would last for a long time, but the driver took a cigarette
He loudly honked and suddenly the truck speeds up
Right on the red light,in the counter bar
And he doesn't have breaks, any breaks, none.
He speeds up until 3 hundred
And here is the crosswalk
And on the crosswalk there is a person
And the truck sharply goes up
through the fields and grasslands straight to the clouds
And he doesn't have breaks, any breaks, none.
Submitted by anya kiwi on Fri, 28/05/2010 - 03:27
Author's comments:

This song doesn't make too much sense to me. But the translation is pretty literal, if there was any "deep sense" I didn't get it)
I'm a Russian native speaker, have been studying English for 10 years.

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Bez tormozov (Без тормозов)

Вдоль по дороге напрямик ехал разбитый грузовик
Двигатель сдох совсем аккумулятор сел
Бьёт по земле болван, гвоздей наглотался он
И без тормозов, без тормозов, без тормозов он, ов.
Так бы он долго и пылил, но только водитель закурил
Громко издав сигнал, вдруг грузовик погнал
Прямо на красный свет, по встречной полосе