Poor Jack (Polish) [Poor Jack] [ Biedny Jack [Poor Jack] ]

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Poor Jack (Polish) [Poor Jack]

Ah, evil fate.
How could I be
so blind,
so stupid.
All this
for nothing...
And I,
and I,
the dreams are over,
I have no chance.
Ah, evil fate
I wish
the ground collapsed under me
and one thing remained
the writing
"Here lies the clod, Jack"
Whereas I surely didn't want those sensations at all
but nobody understood what was the point
of course.
This was supposed to be marvellous, warm,
the most beautiful Christmas
but today bad luck showed its face.
Ah! What the heck, I made a lot of effort.
Indeed! I learned a completely new taste of life.
And in the ecstasy, I travelled a long way through the sky,
they will have something to remember,
it's a fact.
And probably the first time
since a long time, again I felt that I want to live,
and if you want something, you can do it
cause I - Jack!
The King of Scary Balls...
It's me! Obviously, I am him!
I miss
Christmas at Halloween Night very much,
I have a few new ideas,
their hair will stand on end!
I feel I will do something that the world doesn't know!
Oh, do I still have the time
to bring the order back?
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Biedny Jack [Poor Jack]

Ach, losie zły.
Jak mogłem być
ślepy tak,
głupi tak.
Wszystko to
na nic już...
A ja,
a ja,


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