Im done (Im over)



Savururum ruzgara eski asklarimi
Biri gelir, biri gider
Gonlum sagolsun

Bunalirim dusunurken yanlis asklarimi
Biri sever, biri uzer
Hepsi sagolsun

Kapinda deli gibi ozledim aski
Gozumde yillar yili geldi gitti ask
Kalbimi kapatmisim sen gibilere ,
Sende kendin gibi bir serefsize ac

Bittim, gozun aydin
Bittim, helal olsun
Ugrunda harcadigim, Yillar haram olsun

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Im done (Im over)

I forget my old loves in the winds
some (people) comes, some leaves
thanks to my heart

I get depressed when I think about my wrong loves
some loves, some hurts
thanks to all of them

I missed the love at your door like crazy (a lot)
I saw the love comes and goes for years and years
I closed my heart for the people like you,
you open (your heart) for the dishonest people like yourself

Congratulations, Im done (Im over)
Thank you, Im done (Im over)
You didnt deserve the years that I wasted for you

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