Bling-Bling (Bling-Bling [Shiny])

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No, Tamatoa didn't have that much charm
He was just a little sad crab
Today I can truly stop crying
Now they call me the artist
It's your grandmother who says
"Listen to your own heart"
"Follow your inner voice"
But sorry, the truth has three words
All of the liars
Better shine
Like the treasure of an abandoned pirate
Better scrub until we see it shine
Sparkling like a nacreous pearl necklace
Wait! They're here
They turn, turn, turn
Searching everything that is shiny
That's sad!
Oh, they're coming towards me, me, me
Because I'm sparkling
Mmm, appetizing!
I love seafood
Even a bit bitter
Here you go
Maui can't stand her appearance anymore
The sad half-demi-mini-god
Ay! Still a dreadful performance
No way! Eh yeah!
They know you're more agile, my dear
It's true that you've been my model
I love every one of your tattoos
I'm like you, a pie of art, timeless
I have no age
I'm proud to be bling-bling
Like a diamond amid the ocean
Admire what's making bling-bling
I'm a invincible scary giant
And resisting
Your fight, worth nothing, nothing, nothing
Yes a demi-god, even fashionable
Don't be a decapod. Be reasonable
You're hurting
I will revive the pain
Of your pitiful heart
Far from people who left you
You're searching the love from these humans
To whom you feel useful
My force, you dream of it
But your armor, it's asking for a truce
You won't be the heir
Of the only crab we find shiny
Look closely the ugliest of us two it's you
It's life my friend, I can shine
I'm telling you that you will make yourself devoured
And by me
Nothing can save you
More than being fine and shine
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Bling-Bling [Shiny]

Non Tamatoa n'avait pas autant de charme
Il n'était qu'un petit crabe triste
Aujourd'hui je peux enfin sécher mes larmes
Maintenant on m'appelle l'artiste
C'est ta grand-mère qui dit :
« N'écoute que ton cœur »
« Suis ta petite voix intérieure »


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