I Ache



Prsten sam ti nosio
cijelim bicem prosio
sanjao te na oltaru
kao dunja na ormaru
venuo i cekao, venuo i cekao

Ruze sam ti nosio
ruzama te prosio
zalio ih suzama
ostao na stupu srama
kad si otisla, kad si otisla

Ref. 2x
Bolujem, bolujem
cijeli zivot, cijeli vijek
dusa samo tebe trazi
za tu bolest nemam lijek

Ljubav sam ti nosio
dusom svojom prosio
andjeo moj ostala
himna srcu postala
njegov kriz i ikona
njegov kriz i ikona


Try to align

I Ache

I carried the ring to you
My whole being proposed to you
I dreamt of you at the altar
As a quince atop my wardrobe
Wilted and waited, wilted and waited

I carried roses to you
Proposed to you with them
Regretted them with tears
Remaining upon the pedestal of shame
When you left, when you left

[Chorus 2x]

I ache, I ache
My whole life, a whole century
My soul seeks only you
For this I ailment I have no cure

I carried love to you
Proposed to you with my soul
You remained my angel
Became an anthem of my heart
His cross and icon
His cross and icon


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